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Throughout the congress we will be holding a silent auction. For those of you not familiar with the concept it entails delegates donating objects to be auctioned and these are placed on tables in a safe room with an auction sheet next to them. The objects can be special issues from your hospital or country and it can be related to mental health. This can serve as a memory from the event as well as it helps us to donate to good causes related to mental health.

During the event delegates can bid for the object by adding their name and amount to a sheet next to the object they are after. Obviously you can see what the last bid is and simply increase this to whatever amount you want to bid. There is no limit to the number of times you can bid for an item (nor any amount as long as you are prepared to pay it!).

The auction will be set up on Monday morning and run through till Tuesday noon. Successful bidders will be able to collect their items on the Tuesday after lunch upon payment.

We are asking delegates to:

• Please bring items you are prepared to donate and auction. Ideally these should not be too large and have some value to other delegates – items related to mental health such as books are a good idea, as are academic subjects such as hometown university sweatshirts, hats etc. There are no restrictions to what you could donate so just use your imagination.

• Tell the registration staff that you are donating something and they will show you where it can be handed in – preferably on the first day.

• Visit the auction every day to see how your chosen item is getting on and bid for those

items that you would like.

Please enter into the spirit of the congress and see if you cannot find that lost book, that special memento, that something special to donate to this good cause.

Auction Hammer
Silent Auction: Welcome
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